Dr. Hranghmingthanga

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Bio-Data Name: Hranghmingthanga Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D (NEHU) Designation: Assistant Professor Contact: 9436141509 (M) Email: Areas of research: (i) Petroleum Fuel and supplement Objective: Improvement of the [...]

RF Oscillator

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Photograph: Illustrating Excitation of low pressure Hydrogen discharge tube by RF Field produced by the RF Oscillator.           Self-excited push-pull [...]


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Mr. H. Lalremruata Ph.D Research Scholar Email: Contact No: +919862323823 Research Title: Study of 55Mn(p,α)52Cr reaction cross-section and characterization of RF oscillator for low energy charged [...]

Post Doctoral Fellow

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Dr. B. Satheesh Post Doctoral Research Fellow Email: Period of Research: 2013 Currently working as Assistant Professor in National Institute of Technology, Callicut

Dr. B. Lalremruata

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Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Lalremruata Bawitlung e-mail: Date of Birth:  12/12/1981 Permanent Address:  B-27,   Vaivakawn, Aizawl - 796009, Mizoram, India Phone: +919436779952 (M) Designation:  Assistant [...]

DAE-BRNS Project

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Title of the Project: Measurements, EXFOR Compilation and theoretical study of nuclear data Duration: 01/04/2012 - 31/03/2017 Sanction Number: 2012/36/17-BRNS Dated 14.08.2012 2012/36/17-BRNS/0216 Dated 25.04.2013 2012/36/17-BRNS/11743 Dated 04.03.2016 Accomplishments of [...]